Percy's Alphabet Workshop

Percy's Alphabet Workshop 10.1

It allows children to choose the correct letter for the objects displayed
10.1 (See all)
Neptune Computer Technology Ltd.

In an easy and fun way Percy the caterpillar invites children to explore the letters of the alphabet and the sounds, and at the same time will encourage them to recognise various objects that start with the same initial letter. Graphemes and phonemes are also covered as Percy looks at the pronunciation and spelling of simple words.

From then on the children assist Percy with activities that are packed with photographs and speech, which will help them recognize the letters alphabet and begin to read a variety of words.

The games include activities that allow children to choose the correct letter for the objects displayed, to match sounds with letters and to decide which letter is missing from simple words.

The game includes options to have letters to be pronounced by either their names or their sounds, Z pronounced as 'Zee' or 'Zed' and the option to use lower or upper case letters. Individual letters can also be turned on or off to allow for full customization whatever your literacy strategy. What's more, the title features an extensive teacher's section and printable worksheets for use away from the computer.

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